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AngioSolutions, LLC is a physician-owned and operated company. It possesses and runs a fleet of mobile catheterization labs that travel throughout the United States (excluding Alaska, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico).

We understand healthcare professionals’ needs and can provide accordingly.  We specialize in delivering mobile cardiac catheterization lab or an outpatient-based lab (OBL) to your door-step. Our units are equipped with the latest floor mounted X-ray machines and flat panel technology. Other imaging modalities e.g. intravascular ultrasound or portable vascular sonography are available on demand. Additional on-board “a-la-carte” items can be loaded upon request e.g. medications, procedure packs, crash cart, defibrillator, sheaths, wires, balloons, stents, atherectomy devices, vascular closure devices etc.

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We're here to assist with reserving your unit and making sure you have everything you need to provide the care your patients deserve.

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