Site Planning

The receiving facility has to have installed a 480-Volt, 3-phase power, up to 150 Amps with a Russellstoll female connector (please email/call for any further info.)


If not interested in lease/ownership, other options of partnership under a management contract exist. Please contact us for inquiries.



Our units are available to lease or own.

Daily: $5,000*

Weekly: $15,000

Monthly: $30,000

  • For Additional on-board “a-la-carte” items e.g. medications, procedure packs, crash cart, defibrillator, sheaths, wires, balloons, stents, atherectomy devices, vascular closure devices etc., please email us at admin@angiosolutions.com. Those items will be provided with courtesy discounts as compared to third party vendors.

*transportation fees for daily rates might apply
depending on location of service

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